Amerinet and The VGM Group

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join VGM?

Complete and submit the form attached to any of the Amerinet Contract Data Sheets located on this website. A VGM representative will then work with you to complete the membership process, ensuring you can take full advantage of all of the membership benefits outlined on this site.

Why are there dues required to join VGM?

VGM is more than a group purchasing organization. VGM offers a wide variety of member services designed to help our members save time, save money, and grow their business. For hospital-owned DME providers, VGM offers a series of services specific to your unique business.

What does VGM stand for?

VGM is the initials of our founder and CEO, Van G. Miller. Van founded VGM in 1986 as a DME group purchasing organization, and has grown it into the most comprehensive service organization in health care.

How can I take advantage of a single VGM contract?

Group purchasing in DME is unique to that of other health care markets. In general (with exceptions), VGM works with suppliers to set ceiling pricing. VGM members are ensured they’ll never pay more than the negotiated pricing set between VGM and our supplier partners. Dues paying members automatically reap the benefits of all of our group purchasing agreements, and need not select specific agreements or participation agreements for each individual agreement.

I see that VGM has a lot of unique service offerings. Do I have to pay for these things?

Many of the services VGM offers, such as reimbursement consultation, government relations services, and traveling patient assistance, are all included with your group membership. For other services, such as continuing education and web services, VGM members are always ensured discounts, often significant, as a reward for their membership status.

Is there a minimum commitment requirement to become a VGM member?

No, VGM membership is designed to cater to a wide range of DME providers. Small, independent DME providers find tremendous value in many of our services. Large, hospital-owned DME providers also find great value. Because of VGM’s terrific flexibility and diversity, we have the ability to offer a unique value proposition to each unique organization.