Amerinet and The VGM Group

VGM Networks

With the largest specialty networks for provider collaboration, VGM offers members access to the organizations that specialize in various aspects of the home health and home medical equipment industries.

Health Systems Providers

"Join the nation's leading collaboration of hospital-based home care providers."

Health System Providers is an exclusive nationwide network of more than 150 hospital-owned or affiliated HME providers. The tools available through Health Systems Providers deliver improved outcomes and measurable financial value to the health system. Health Systems Providers offers financial, human resources, and operations benchmarking, networking, best practices, educational events industry-leading peer-to-peer connectivity for providers in the unique market segment.


"Join the most comprehensive network of independently owned, certified providers and contractors dedicated to providing independent home living solutions."

AHIA, or Accessible Home Improvement of America, caters to the aging-in-place market. It is made up of independently owned and operated contractors certified for accessible home modifications and independent living solutions. This, combined with available products and services, make AHIA a powerful tool for members in the independent living industry.

U.S. Rehab

"Join the nation's leading alliance of complex and high-end rehab providers."

An alliance of complex rehab technology providers, U.S. Rehab offers exclusive pricing from leading manufacturers, billing and reimbursement advice and unequaled educational opportunities. The organization also works to further the interests of the industry and keep members apprised of regulatory and legislative updates.

Nationwide Respiratory

"Join the industry's leading network of independent respiratory and sleep providers."

Catering to the oxygen therapy equipment needs of home medical equipment providers, Nationwide Respiratory also offers resources for oxygen equipment users and suppliers. Nationwide Respiratory also works to further awareness for COPD and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).


"Join the largest network of independent orthotic and prosthetic patient care facilities in the nation."

The Orthotic and Prosthetic Group of America (OPGA) is the largest network of independent orthotic and prosthetic care facilities in the United States. OPGA works to help members increase profitability and efficiency through education programs, leasing and financial programs, competitive liability and property insurance rates, and both print and website marketing needs.

National Sleep Services

"National Sleep Services is a comprehensive program that offers solutions for diagnosing and treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)."

A division of HOMELINK, National Sleep Services focuses on diagnosing and treating obstructive sleep apnea. National Sleep Services offers diagnostic and treatment options for in-home sleep studies for individuals, physicians, employers (specifically in the transportation industry) and health insurance providers that require a screening for their health plans.


"A managed health care cost containment network, HOMELIINK is the nation's largest ancillary provider group, with over 9,000 locations."

HOMELINK is the literal "link" between insurance companies, health care providers and patients. They work with insurance companies, worker's comp payers, claims adjusters, case managers and discharge planners to coordinate the right product at the right place at the right time for a better patient experience.

Wound Care Connection

"Utilize exclusive vendor pricing and resources, industry-leading education, and peer-to-peer networking through VGM's Wound Care Connection."

Specializing in the niche of wound care, Wound Care Connection connects VGM members with the resources they need for higher quality care. Whether it's providing products and marketing resources to increase product offerings or educating members on proper wound care techniques, Wound Care Connection is the go-to organization in the wound care industry.